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  • No one likes to do their accounting, especially when it is not needed. Save time with the Exact Online app and focus your energy and attention on the fun part of doing business.
  • The Exact Online connection has been installed in a snap. Within 10 minutes you may use the connection between your web shop and your bookkeeping. Do not worry about maintaining the connection, this will be fully done by iWebDevelopment. This gives you a connection which is always up-to-date and secured.
  • All your data is 100% safe. Our connections have been developed according to the highest standards. Next to this, we do not store your data. The Exact Online connection connects your web shop directly with the Exact Online software.
  • Our attractive and diverse range of subscriptions, there is always a subscription for you, without any additional costs. If for some reason you would like to end the subscription, you only have a one month’s notice.
  • All applications are certified and as certified partner of Exact Online, you are assured you are making the right choice.
  • When your customers make a purchase, the purchase is instantly synchronized with your bookkeeping. Connections have been developed for Magento, SEOshop and WooCommerce.

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We offer apps between Exact Online and the following E-commerce software: